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Loved it

Received this book very promptly
And I loved it
My granddaughter loved it just as much, what beautiful book

Tom's Tears
Tracey Mekitarian

Tom's Tears

April's Window
Jayne Williams
Loved the Rhymes

This book was an easy and fun read to my grandchildren. The rhymes made it easy to read and captured the attention of the kiddies. A very clever book about Covid-19 in a child friendly manner that enabled me to explain how other countries in our world had to deal with the pandemic. We were far luckier in Australia.

Great book

A good book for education for my sons, a very important story and lessons to learn

Beautiful colourful books with a strong message in each.

Super service too.m

Samson C. Turtle
Lesley Carbis
Samson C.Turtle

I choose these books because of the story lines..Always love them..

Absolutely beautiful book!

My son and myself absolutely love this book! We are both big lovers of Mother Nature and have read this book many times during lockdown underneath our favourite gigantic pine tree at our local park. Definitely pulls on your heart strings and brings awareness to what is happening to another Nature x

When Grandma was the Moon

Watermelon Pip
Melissa Donnelly
Wonderful book with a powerful message

My 3 year old absolutely loves this book, and we love the powerful message that it is leaving with her

The World Under Wings
sonya brotchie

A beautiful story and illustrations.

Beautiful Book

The pictures are beautiful. The words touch the heart. My children and I all love this book.

Amazing book, students loved it

April's Window
Carole Davis

It's a lovely , beautifully illustrated book ...lots to look at and a beautiful story

Remembering Mother Nature
Corinne Dosoruth
Remembering Mother Nature

Beautiful story about planet earth. I use it in my kids yoga classes and read them the story.

The World under Wings

This cleverly written, rhyming story is inspired by the Arctic Tern’s real-life migration over land and sea. As we follow the Terns incredible journey, we see the environmental damage to planet Earth through the Tern’s perspective and join them in the realisation that,
“We need to change before more damage is done!”
I love the way the Terns illicit a call to action, which echoes around the world and people start to change their ways!
The illustrations are beautifully vibrant and eye-catching and perfectly capture the the Tern’s plight.
The World Under Wings really encourages the reader to think about the problems facing the planet and leaves you with the powerful message ‘It’s time to take action.’ This enlightening read would be a valuable resource for teachers and a very enjoyable read for home.
Highly recommended!

Beautiful book

My granddaughter and myself absolutely loved this gorgeous book.

Watermelon Pip

Watermelon Pip is an engaging story with gorgeous illustrations. It carries an important message in a fun way, and who doesn't love watermelon! My kids asked for it to be read nights in row.

So magical for my grandson

Amazing bright and wonderful artwork with a well written story for the kids (and some parents) to learn from. Buy the set if you can you will only want to order the rest.

Beautiful illustrations and words

The Nature Book Set
Divya Pereira
Great quality

Enjoying the read with my 3yr old. The concepts are great,storyline for some of the books I bought didn’t seem to have a flow.
Great buy

The Nature Book Set
Monica Meulengraaf

They were a gift to a 3 year old. Her Mum reads the story & she is immersed in the illustrations. Now after a couple of readings she tells the story as they go through by the pictures. Magical & educational at the same time. Bravo

Samson C. Turtle
Josh Langley
Great to help little ones with anxious feelings

Beautifully illustrated and with a simple message to help little kids manage big feelings of anxiety.

The World Under Wings

This book is amazing, definitely shows us what is happening around our world.

Just Like Me
Proma R
Wonderful book for early readers and young citizens of the world

Just Like Me is set in the cold, but makes you feel warm to the core with a friendship based on mutual respect, good communication and appreciation of differences as well as similarities. This is a wonderful book with a beautiful message, an easy to read story, and bright, fun illustrations which will keep the whole range of the youngest of readers entertained. I am so excited to be giving this book as a gift to all the young readers I know!