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Ethicool books are written and designed in Australia, with sustainable printing taking place in Australia, China and the USA.

Our books are illustrated by a number of different illustrators, based all over the world. You can read more about many of them in our blog.

Our books are approximately A4 landscape in size: 8.5" x 11".

Our books are soft cover, printed on 300GSM matte card, with 200GSM matte inner pages. We do also accept special requests for hard cover printing, so pleaseĀ contact usĀ if you'd to know more.

On average, we aim to release a new title every three months.

Basically, you secure a book that is in the process of being delivered from our printing press. This avoids you missing out when the stock arrives. 

Pre-orders are shipped within 48hrs of stock arriving into our warehouse.

Yes, we do! You can buy your gift cards HERE.

No, not at this stage.

Sure - we receive this request occasionally and it's something we're happy to support. If you'd like to arrange a special order with a custom message or signature from one of our authors, please contact us.

Yes, absolutely. We do ourĀ utmost to prevent against paper wastage and the unnecessary use of inks and dyes. We also print primarily on recycled paper and exclusively use soy-based inks. As far as we are aware, we are one ofĀ theĀ most environmentally sustainable children's book publishers, based on the strict practices we follow.

Yes! Most books use recycled paper on as many pages as possible. Sometimes, not 100% of the book is printed on recycled paper, though - this can happen when there are occasional supply issues.

We do our utmost to use recycled materials anywhere and everywhere. Even our delivery packaging is both recycled and recyclable again.

Well, kind of. There is a lot ofĀ researchĀ supporting the cause for getting kids away from screens... not encouraging them to use them even more. Today, books are one of the few tangible experiences that still have a major place in children's development (so many others have been replaced by technology!), so we're keen for this trend to last for generations to come.Ā In saying this, we will soon release our titles digitally as well -Ā then we're ultimately leaving the choice of medium up to parents. Perhaps a mix of both might be the best option?One thing's for sure, our "physical" picture books aren't going anywhere for a while, and we'll continue to do our best to produce them sustainably.

Short answer: no. We sell exclusively online, directly to our readers. 

The only exception to this is wholesale to schools and educational institutions. We are happy to sell wholesale quantities to such organisations, and at a discounted price. 

Traditional wholesale to bookstores or other retail outlets is not something we're able to support.

Yes! We offer discounts to educational institutions on a worldwide scale.

Please contact us if you represent an education provider and would like to discuss volume discounts.

Contact Ethicool

You can use our general support email address: 

We do our best to reply within 24hrs, but it may take longer during peak periods.

If you've not hear back from us after submitting your work, don't despair. We receive an extremely large number of submissions every day and we like to review them in a lot of detail. It can take up to eight weeks before you receive a response, but typically you should hear back within four weeks.

Founders of Ethicool, Teigan and Stu, gratefully receive direct correspondence from customers. Bear in mind, their inboxes are a busy place to be, so it might take 48hrs to get a reply:

Shipping & Returns

Yep, we sure do. Global shipping costs are calculated in the checkout. You canĀ find ourĀ Shipping Policy here.

Our warehouse is in Melbourne, Australia.

Yes. By the end of 2020,Ā we are aiming to have our US-based distribution centre live, which will vastly reduce international shipping costs (and their associated carbon footprint).

Our orders are typically dispatchedĀ via Australia Post.Ā You canĀ findĀ ourĀ Shipping Policy here.

Orders within Australia will typically arrive within 2-3 business days, but can take up to 7 business days in remote areas.International Airmail ordersĀ typically arrive within 10-14 business days, subject to Customs approvals.Ā International Economy orders can take 2 - 3 weeks.You canĀ findĀ ourĀ Shipping Policy here.

Oh, no! We're sorry about that. Sometimes there are delays in the shipping and/or customs clearance processes that are beyond our control.

We'll still help in any way we can, though. 

If your order hasn't arrived yet, please contact our customer service team via  

Yes, we accept returns within 7 days. Our full returns policy can beĀ read here.

Please email our Customer Support team via and we'll process your return within 48hrs.

Refunds are processed by our team within 48hrs, but can take a further 3 - 5 business days to reach your bank account.

About Ethicool

We are both. In fact, we're more than this: we write books, illustrate them, publish them, and distribute them exclusively online. 

Most publishers typically only print books on behalf of authors and then distribute them to retailers for selling.

The Ethicool business is designed to manage the entire value chain - no other publisher does this. Why do we operate like this? Because this is the best way to ensure every step of the process is sustainably managed.

Our founders, Teigan & Stu (who, by the way, are also absolute book nerds), had kids of their own, whom they adored reading picture books to. Quickly, though, Teigan & Stu realised there was a significant cultural and thematic gapĀ in kids' literature... almost every book they purchased didn't really deal with the issues that would affect their children's lives. Sure, there were some great reads, but there was always something missing. When their eldest child was nearly three - and equipped with 20 years' professional writing experience between them - it was time to do something about it. And, so, Ethicool was born.

EveryĀ storyĀ is triggered by topicalĀ or timely events in the "adult" world, and the desire to make theseĀ themes digestible for littlies! If there's a debate in the public or political arena about a social or environmental issue, there's aĀ good chance we'll release a book exploring it soon after.Ā 

Writing & Illustrating for Ethicool

We've written a very useful blog on this topic and it will answer the big question about $$$, as well as give you tips on preparing your submission:

Can you make a living writing children's books?

Please email our submissions team here - We prefer you send a PDF or Word file, but links to digital copies (e.g. Google Docs) are also ok.You can also check out ourĀ Submissions page here.

Yes, we do. Official submissions open in April, 2020. Please email submissions@ethicoolbooks.comĀ if you'd like to be considered in advance, though.You can also check out ourĀ Submissions page here.

Please email our submissions team here - Please use a link to an online version of your folio, where possible (rather than sending large, high-resolution files via email).You can also check out ourĀ Submissions page here.